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Ellis Paul:  For allowing the use of his song "Welcome Home to Maine" for my podcast!  Please visit his web page for music (he has a new album in the works!), merchandise, and touring information. 


Circle With Disney:

I am a tech geek.  With kids.  So I know what's out there, and what I don't want my kids to see.  I could build a firewall, I could create filters.  This is where Circle comes in.  Circle does it for you, and makes it easy to customize.  You can create a profile for each member of your household, and assign specific devices to those profiles.  Want to set an Internet cutoff time for your kids?  Done.  Want to filter out Facebook?  Done.  Want to turn off Internet for your oldest when you are grounding them?  Done, and done.  Easy to setup and controlled with an app from your phone, Circle is the internet filter I have been looking for.


Coffee for Less:  Buying coffee isn't limited to the grocery store anymore.  Good thing, because our Senseo coffee pot pods aren't available at our local grocery store.  This is where the Internet, and Coffee For Less come in.  They sell K-cups, Nespresso, Tassimo, you name it.  And they have the brands you want:  Starbucks, Cinnabon, Dunkin Donuts, Lavazza; all the brands you love.  Use this link, and get 10% off your first order.  The convenience is great!

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